Our commitment to cleanliness and safety is our top priority.

Forum offers a full suite of assembly services in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom. As an US Food and Drug Administration registered company, we can provide full assembly and packaging services up to the finished or semi-finished part. All our processes are efficient and operate under Lean Six Sigma methodology and the development of quality-focused multi-step release criteria that allow for go/no-go gauges, integrated process verification, and final testing phases.

Core Assembly Services

  • Bluetooth enabled or Wi-fi connected device assembly
  • Device sequential and regulatory requirement labeling
  • Mechanical and manual assembly of components and subassemblies
  • Multi-component sourcing
  • Serialization services

  • Pre-sterilization device packaging and labeling (through outside partners)
  • Tooling and fixture development

Other Secondary Operation Services

  • Adhesive processes; gluing and bonding
  • Automated trimming / cutting / slitting
  • Friction fit assembly (Press Fits)
  • Heat insert installation
  • Heat staking
  • Tooling and fixture development

  • Ultrasonic inserting and welding

Complementary Capabilities & Applicable Markets

Forum can manage molding, printing, purchasing, and assembly so that you receive one item, inspected and certified. Learn more about our contract manufacturing and complementary services below.

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Our commitment to cleanliness and safety is our top priority.
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