When it comes to critical device manufacturing, insert-molding and over-molding, Forum provides the most robust performance-oriented practices in polymer manufacturing. Utilizing multiple materials in either polymer or metals, these processes create a mechanical and/or thermal bond based upon the application. Another advantage of insert or over molding is that it eliminates the need for chemical or solvent bonding.

Insert Molding Services Overview

Forum is able to overmold substrates with multiple materials in different locations on your insert. In some cases, plastic on plastic or plastic on metal.

Benefits of Overmolding Solutions

From overmolded medical devices to industrial applications, plastic overmolded components provide superior performance. By overmolding plastic onto or into metal, or plastic onto plastic we are able to create a more-consistent and higher-quality product with superior performance.

Overmolded products provide:

  • Consistent and accurate alignment
  • Improved structural integrity
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Eliminate complicated assembly and post-molding processes
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Higher quality and superior performance

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Learn how Forum provides a competitive advantage with custom overmolded and insert molded plastics through early supplier involvement in the engineering and design process, and material selection support.