Your Micro Injection Molding Provider.

It’s often difficult to imagine plastic parts the size of a grain of rice but as devices continue to decrease in size to allow better accessibility, micro-molding is a core-capability in advance medical and aerospace products. Formula’s molding and engineering teams continue to create some of the world’s smallest parts. Some applications for micro-molding include the over-molding of electrodes and PEEK and Bio-absorbable orthopedic implants. Micro-molding is an emerging technology and expanding capability of Forum’s engineering and manufacturing teams.

Micro Molding Services Overview

  • Forum can support molded components as small as .005 in3 (.08 cm3) or less, in volume
  • Dedicated tooling, manufacturing and quality support systems that are fully integrated into the success of producing these small precise components to support your production needs
  • Program manager and design services available
  • A full-service quality and metrology labs available

Complementary Capabilities & Applicable Markets

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