A leading injection molding partner for military and defense applications

If you are a federal agency or contractor in need of injection-molded components or secondary operations, no matter how intricate, Forum has you covered. We invite you to speak with our team to discuss specifications and request a quote.

The U.S. Department of the State recognizes Forum as an ITAR-Registered Manufacturer. We have decades of experience in injection molding and mold-building for the defense industry.

Meeting military specifications requirements involves well-documented and repeatable processes, but it all begins with precision mold design and up-front engineering and development. Forum’s in-house tooling capabilities, combined with our engineering and project management expertise, allow our partners to work closely with an experienced engineering team to help develop critical components for mission-critical applications.

Examples of Sub-Markets

  • Military

  • Defense (public and private sectors)

  • Firearms (aftermarket and OEM applications)

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