Molding for the Medical Industry Since 1992

Our experience in mold design and process development delivers high-quality, high-performing molded parts that accurately and repeatedly meet even the most demanding specifications. Forum has over 30 years of experience offering superior injection molding services specializing in medical injection molding to support Class I, II(b) and III devices. Our expertise and repeatable processes only serve to benefit the other diverse markets and products we support.

Materials We Use (Filled and Unfilled)

  • ABS, PC/ABS, polycarbonate
  • Nylon, acetal, acrylic
  • Polyethersulfone
  • Polypropylene, polyethylene
  • Polyarylamide, PEEK
  • Polyphthalamide
  • Other medical or engineering-grade materials per request

Our Expertise – Medical Injection Molding

Our ISO 13485:2016 quality certifications, investment in technology, tool financing, and continuous commitment to exceeding expectations make our experienced medical injection molding team an important asset to Class I, II(b), and III device success. We specialize in medical molding for surgical device components and medical instrument components.

Our medical molding services encompass:

  • Class 7 Cleanroom Molding

  • Thin wall and tight tolerance injection molding capabilities

  • All departments utilize our IQMS ERP system allowing visibility to requirements and parts produced in real time.

  • Wide range of medical grade material options and compounds
  • Precision color mixing
  • In-line visual inspection support
  • New Tools, Transfer Tools, Modifications, Repairs & Service
  • Ability to mold radiopaque, carbon fiber-filled & glass filled materials to tight tolerances.

Molding Capabilities

Precision Plastic Gears

Forum has experienced engineers and technical staff to produce high-quality plastic molded gears that accurately and repeatably meet even the most demanding specifications. Plastic gears are growing larger, more precise, more complex in geometry, and more powerful. High-performance resins and long-fiber compounds are aiding this evolution.

Complementary Capabilities & Applicable Markets

Forum can manage molding, printing, purchasing and assembly so that you receive one item, inspected and certified. Learn more about our contract manufacturing and complimentary services below.

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