Medical Product Outsourcing, October 2022 Issue. Featured Article: Micro Molding for Medtech is Miniature Magic

Micro molders are achieving even greater levels for the smallest parts while still maintaining important properties.

In the October issue of Medical Product Outsourcing, Forum’s Vice President of Business Development, Khristine Carroll, gives her insight into the latest trends of micro-molding in the medical device industry and material considerations.

“Many micro-molded targeted applications and products, given their diminutive size and finite dimensions, require the highest levels of precision, accuracy, and zero defects during the molding process.

“Materials that will best provide optimal dynamics for processing, functionality, and biocompatibility are critical early-stage considerations.”

– Khristine Carroll
 Vice President of Business Development, Forum Plastics

MPO October 2022

Read the full article featured in this month’s MPO issue below

Khristine Carroll,
Vice President of Business Development

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