Forum Plastics LLC Registers New DBA as Forum Contract Manufacturing

— The tradename is designed to more accurately reflect the breadth of services offered by the manufacturing solutions provider —

Waterbury, CT (February 6, 2024) – Forum Plastics LLC (Forum), a premier global contract manufacturer catering to OEMs, today announced that it will begin to operate under the DBA Forum Contract Manufacturing. The addition of the DBA name is designed to better represent the wide range of services and capabilities on offer to manufacturers across all industries. The corporate name rebranding will also be accompanied by the launch of an updated website designed to reflect the company’s modern approach to complex manufacturing solutions.

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Originally established as Forum Molding in 1992, the company has a rich history of providing plastic injection molding and manufacturing solutions, predominantly for global medical clients. As demand for more robust molding and thermoplastics solutions increased, Forum remained dedicated to pursuing new offerings to cater to client needs. Evolving into a role as contract manufacturer for its clients, Forum Plastics expanded its services beyond injection molding to additionally include rapid prototyping, modular molding, automation, cleanroom assembly, and CT part scanning. While Forum has historically specialized in medical molding, clients with general industrial molding such as electronics, automotive, and consumer products now turn to the contract manufacturer for everything from precision injection molding to fabrication.

Forum promises to continue its legacy of partnering with clients to develop and manufacture complex products with a constant eye on quality. Notably, Forum continues to meet the requirements for ISO 13485:2016, a standard in quality for the design, production, installation, and servicing of medical devices. The company also holds ISO 14001:2015 certification for environmental management systems. In addition, Forum is ITAR compliant and registered with the FDA under Medical Devices, enabling clients to proceed with peace of mind that their products will be produced with the utmost precision, quality, and sensitivity.

Throughout its 30+ year history, Forum has dynamically grown in response to client demand, market trends, and technological developments, allowing it to remain at the forefront of not just molding but also value-added services such as printing and laser marking, cleanroom manufacturing, automated assembly, and prototyping.

“Forum Contract Manufacturing may be one of the best kept secrets in the medical device, industrial, and military and defense industries,” said Mark Polinsky, President of Forum. “Forum has incredible on-time delivery, unparalleled quality, and is on a constant quest to lower cost while reducing our carbon footprint.”

While the new DBA name more accurately reflects Forum’s ability to partner with manufacturers with a variety of contract manufacturing needs, the brand remains focused on the tenets that have helped it achieve success over the decades. Forum prides itself on a customer-focused approach by providing project support throughout the entire development and manufacturing process. Clients experience quick response times, program management services, and assistance through every stage of the development process from concept to final parts approval. The result is a contract manufacturing partnership with Forum that empowers clients to achieve even the most challenging engineering requests with accuracy and excellence.

About Forum Plastics LLC dba Forum Contract Manufacturing

Based in Waterbury, CT, Forum Plastics LLC is a global contract manufacturer and partner of OEMs with a foundation in engineering and expertise in complex geometries and technically challenging injection molding, insert molding, and overmolding. For over 30 years, Forum has supported the manufacturing needs of clients across industries, most notably for medical devices where precision, accuracy, and quality are of the foremost concern. Forum provides molding services as well as mold design and fabrication, prototyping, multi-component assembly, and pad printing services, among others. Visit for more information.


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