Forum Plastics Contributes to MPO June Feature Article: OEMs Seek Molders Offering Timely Techniques

The current environment has medical device manufacturers seeking rapid solutions and time to market savings from molding partners.

In the June publication of Medical Product Outsourcing, Forum Plastics’ Mark Polinsky, President, and Khristine Carroll, VP of Business Development, share the latest trends in medical molding and what molders are doing to keep up with the ever changing customer requirements in today’s environment.

“There are often many ways to achieve the part function with small changes or with secondary operations,” said Polinsky. “It’s important for designers and molders to communicate early in the process and take advantage of each other’s knowledge to produce the best design and part.”

– Mark Polinsky
President, Forum Plastics

“Also, new innovative technologies such as freeform injection molding can allow for parts to be prototyped using a wide range of medical-grade materials in a cost, time, and environmentally conscious manner while negating conventional tooling lead-times, costs, and the potential of tooling material constraints or delays.”

– Khristine Carroll
Vice President of Business Development, Forum Plastics

Mark Polinsky

Khristine Carroll,
Vice President of Business Development

Medical Product Outsourcing: OEMS Seek Molders Offering Timely Techniques

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