Why Program Management is Critical to Injection Molding Success

When thinking about the components of a successful project, there are many critical steps and functions that come together to result in an on-time, on-budget outcome. The function of program management, through early engagement and ramp up to production of an injection-molded device or product, is critical to the success of the project. In essence, the role of a program manager is to act as the de facto air traffic controller for your project. They are tasked with supervising, organizing and tracking the product through every phase of the development process to make sure that it aligns with your company’s objectives and timing.

We understand that program management is a key component to your project’s success, which  is why Forum Plastics has invested in industry-leading processes, people and practices to ensure that this mission-critical function is seamless and transparent for our business partners. Forum understands the importance of program management, and we empower our team to:

  • Be responsible for the program planning and monitoring of milestones across all departments and work centers
  • Lead communication between each project team, stakeholders and executive sponsors
  • Coordinate and manage all of the necessary resources, required and manage and allocate them as necessary

Forum has created, developed and formalized a repeatable process and structure for our program management organization. All of the data is maintained in your unique customer project files so that the information can be retrieved and reviewed quickly and easily. Over the years, Forum has leveraged best practices and developed standardized templates to help streamline the process and eliminate errors. This ensures that the project is maintained to your timeline and cost requirements. It also helps to quickly identify any potential issues with the tool design or customer part design.

What does my program manager do for me?

Each project has multiple phases and milestones, and your Forum program manager serves as the single point of contact to monitor and manage:

  • Tooling and production molding concept development
  • Project kickoff and planning
  • DFM and material reviews
  • Mold design and construction
  • Capacity planning
  • Validations (IQ/OQ/PQ), FAIR’s and PPAP’s
  • Final parts approval

Since program management is a vital activity for your project’s success, we have some of the best in the business on our team – for the benefit of your team. To simplify your project and ensure efficiency, your program manager is your key point of contact throughout the program, from start to sustaining production.

To learn more about our program management processes and methodology, please contact Doug Hungerford, Director of Engineering, or visit us online.

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