Forum Plastics Expands Molding Capacity and Capabilities With 10 New Machines

As part of our commitment to meet the most complex needs of our customers, Forum Plastics purchased and installed 10 new molding machines in 2020. Four machines have replaced or upgraded older machines, and the other six machines address specific customer and business growth requirements.

Our new machines include the following:

  • (2) Arburg 270A: 38 Ton with a 15mm screw micro injection unit
  • (1) Arburg 375V: 55 Ton Vertical Shuttle Press
  • (1) Arburg 320C: 55 Ton Allrounder
  • (3) Arburg 420C: 110 Ton Allrounder
  • (1) Arburg 470E: 110 Ton Electric
  • (2) Arburg 470C: 165 Ton Allrounder

By investing in new molding machines, Forum Plastics can continue to develop and maintain a scientifically established molding process that leads to a stable and consistent molded part. Our line of molding machines is constantly being assessed against our customers’ current and future needs. In order to be successful at meeting customer requirements, one of the first items we set is matching your mold to the correct molding center. Machines need to be selected with respect to the shot size of the mold and the barrel capacity of the molding machine.

“We’re committed to continually reinvesting into our business to meet and exceed customer requirements”

Mark Polinksy
President, Forum Plastics

At Forum Plastics, all of our molding machines are set up as individual work centers containing a dedicated drier system, runner pickers, and/or robotics depending on the targeted application for the work cell. Material and part containment protocols are strictly followed to prevent mixing and cross-contamination. Our molding floor has been designed and laid out for the efficient operation of our molding work centers, material flow, and worker ergonomics.

With 47 molding centers ranging from 11 tons to 180 tons, Forum Plastics operates 24 hours per day, five days per week. We’ve provided our customers with superior medical injection molding services for over 25 years, and we continue to invest in the technology and capabilities needed to adapt to our customers’ changing needs.

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