Forum Plastics Internship Program

As part of Forum Plastics’ commitment to employee development, we are pleased to offer the Forum Plastics Internship Program. In this program, students at a local technical high school have the opportunity to learn on the job and provide critical support to our business operations.

Interns participate in an “at-work/in-class” program following a pre-planned schedule that allows the students to balance their classroom studies and work studies. We’re proud to offer a flexible program that provides educational work training while prioritizing the student’s school education.

Program History

In 2019, Forum Plastics and Emmett O’Brien Technical High School partnered to form a job shadowing program that offered precision machining students a sneak peek into how today’s manufacturing facilities operate and produce specific products. The job shadowing also gives employers, including Forum, an opportunity to get to know the students and identify high-performers for recruitment into work base learning programs

The job shadowing program evolved into an active internship program where select students are hired into specific positions at Forum Plastics upon completing an initial training program.  The training program is typically geared toward the field in which a student has been studying in school and includes education on quality control, metrology, shop floor operations, maintenance, tool room and engineering. Once the training period is complete, each intern is assigned to a position for a comprehensive training program.

Learning in Action: Forum Interns Help Keep Operations Up and Running

The Forum Plastics Internship Program has proved to be crucial to our business. In late 2020, several employees in the quality control department needed to quarantine at home given COVID-19 exposure concerns. Our production operations are dependent on the quality department for all first and last article inspections – and having an interruption to this process was not an option.

The Forum internship team, having previously trained in quality control during the training programs, was able to immediately transfer into our quality department and provide the needed service to keep operations up and running.

Meet Our Interns

Meet some of the students who have successfully completed the Forum Plastics Internship Program.




See what Forum’s interns have to say about their experience in this Q&A.




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