Set-Up Technician Training Program

As part of Forum Plastics’ commitment to employee training and world-class precision molding, we have developed a Set-Up Technician Training Program for emerging talent in a tech role. This comprehensive program provides candidates with the tools necessary to excel in a set-up technician role.

The Set-Up Technician Training Program is conducted before new team members begin working on the molding floor as a set-up technician. It’s important for a candidate to know what processes lead to a successful mold set-up and the effect that an incorrect set-up could have on the equipment or molded parts. Proper training and involvement in every critical function creates a more comprehensive understanding of the mold set-up process.

Each stage of the Set-Up Technician Training Program is managed by the functional manager of that department. Forum candidates receive at least 3 weeks of training in each of the following areas as part of the program:

  • Material Handling: Where orders and materials are prepared and delivered to work stations
  • Mold Tool Cleaning: Hands-on disassembling, cleaning, and inspecting the molds
  • Quality Control: Where molded components are inspected and order set-ups are approved
  • Molding Production Paperwork: Verification of proper documents and approvals
  • Mold/Molding Set-Up: The mechanical component of properly installing tools and equipment
  • Mold/Molding Processing: Where the molding process is established and confirmed to meet industry standards and customer requirements

With comprehensive training and an opportunity to take ownership of their job functions, Forum Plastics employees are well-positioned to help their teams identify and drive opportunities for continuous improvement. We’re confident that by investing in our people, Forum Plastics will continue to be our customer’s first choice for injection molding.

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